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100% Compostable Packaging

How It Works

Refill bag/jar


Refilling has never been this easy. Simply purchase your desired product in our glass jars, and when you’re ready for a refill, purchase the same product in one of our refill bags and pour back into your empty jar. Better yet, purchase our refill bags from the start and refill one of your preloved jars at home. 

100% Compostable

Our refill bags are 100% home compostable, which can be cut up and put in your home compost or taken to a local compost facility. To learn more about our compostable products, how to compost, why we choose to refill, etc., please visit our FAQ and Sustainability page.

Pore Detox Clarifying Mask

Our Refill Products

We are currently expanding our product line to bring you more refillable products you love. Here is a list of our current refillable offerings.

Salt Soaks
Face Cleansers & Exfoliants
Face Masks & Exfoliants