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At Indiefog, we took an industry and lifestyle we love, and combined the two. By creating luxurious non toxic bath & body products and packaging them in 99% compostable and refillable packaging, we can now enjoy a luxury consumable without harm to the planet.

When considering packaging, we researched all the possibilities. Considering their impact on the planet and our product line, we really wanted to marry the two together. There’s considerable waste when producing a product because not all vendors are producing and packaging a fully sustainable product. We do our best to source the most sustainable ingredients but it’s not always possible. By offering a sustainable product, we are hoping to change the industry standards and be able to be less wasteful – as corporations and individuals.

Why don’t we use recyclable plastics?
1. Plastics are derived from crude oil and natural gas. When plastics are combined to create a product, they are less likely able to be recycled properly. Less than 9% of the plastics in the US are recycled. When we recycle plastic, it is shredded, melted down and as a result degrades in quality. Plastics are a big long molecule and once it gets chopped up into smaller pieces or oxidized and chemically changed, then the properties are no longer the same. Plastics can only be recycled mechanically few times before they degrade too much and are no longer usable. Many of these plastics end up in our waterways, resulting in about 7 out of 10 items collected. Unfortunately, Not only do most plastics not get recycled, they don’t end up in our landfills either and they end up on the side of the road, carried by wind and water out to our oceans where they are regularly mistaken by animals as food.

2. Are there any health problems to using plastics?
Since plastics are derived from crude oil and natural gas, not only are the toxins that are produced by manufacturing these plastics end up in our environment, but the day-to-day usage and exposure to plastics can have a significant impact on our health, especially our endocrine system. We are seeing plastic in our air that we breathe everyday, the soil and food we consume daily as well as the water we drink. The things that we must consume daily in order to survive are now in question and being compromised. Plastics cause air pollution, which cause greenhouse gases. They can emit sulfur dioxides, nitrous oxides, particulates, lead, and mercury, to name a few.

3. Since we don’t consume bath and body products, why would the plastics harm us?
Consumption is not always by mouth. We absorb nutrients, toxins and minerals with the largest organ of our body, our skin. Even if this consumption was minimal, the massive impact of plastics on our environment, is inadvertently harming us.

4. Why do we offer refills?
Glass and aluminum products are much more sustainable than recyclable plastics when it comes to the recycling process and toxin impact on our planet. However, they pose other non-sustainable risks. If these materials are not properly recycled, they won’t get recycled at the plant. If rigid packaging isn’t recycled, it takes up more space in our landfills. Rigid packaging weighs significantly more, contributing to more fuel costs and more packaging materials. This is why we focus on minimal packaging where we can and urge customers to refill their beloved products.

5. Is your packaging home compostable?
Yes, everything from our shipping material, labels, bags, stand up pouches, and stickers are all home compostable. We recommend tearing or cutting the pouches into smaller pieces before tossing into your home compost. This will ensure they break down quicker. Our pouches are tested for home composting by our suppliers, however they are not home compostable certified, thus we cannot guarantee how long it will take to fully compost because every home compost environment is different.

6. What if I don’t have a home compost?
Our bags will decompose within 180 days in an industrial composter.
To find an industrial compost facility near you, visit Some compost facilities do no accept compostable materials like ours, so make sure to call in advance to see if they will accept our bags.

7. If I choose not to compost your bags, how do I dispose of them?
Just toss them into your regular trash bin. However, they will go to a landfill and breakdown just like food would in the landfill.

8. What does compostable mean?
These are organic materials that can break down fully into an organic matter in an ideal environment (proper heat, humidity, microorganisms and bacteria).

100% Compostable Packaging

Be Small

We believe in small batch, small business and a homemade approach to doing business. Supporting local, small businesses means your supporting your community. Keeping it USA based is important to us, but keeping it even smaller and sourcing from local businesses means even more to us, which is why we often purchase bulk ingredients from our local refillery. Not only does this keep our local small businesses thriving, but it allows us to keep production waste down. Part of being sustainable means supporting local, reducing waste, creating a smaller footprint by reducing shipping and knowing where your ingredients are sourced.

Be Impactful

After seeing the impact of plastics, rigid packaging and toxic products have on our environment, we wanted to develop products that catered to our luxury desires but were not impactful on the planet. This is why we developed non-toxic, luxury bath and body products in 100% compostable packaging. 

As a young company, we strive for positive impact wherever we can. We believe that no matter the impact, small or grand, it all matters and adds up. Positivity breeds positivity and we hope to be another small business leaving our positive impact on this world. Making sustainable choices in our ingredient sourcing and striving for a low waste and ethical product, we aim for making a difference.

We reduce our impact with flexible zero waste packaging, reducing landfill waste, co2 emissions and fuel consumption.

99% of our product is compostable and we are striving for 100%. 

Be Vegan

Being vegan is something we’ve always been passionate about, and we believe in using plant based ingredients in 100% of our products. For example, we use plant based alternatives like squalane oil derived from rice bran and olives in order to get the same benefits, but keep it within our ethical standards.

We create vegan products because we don’t believe in cruelty to animals – not for clothing, food, and definitely not for cosmetics.

Be Ethical

Even though we source and create all vegan products, we make sure those companies are ethical and cruelty free with their plant based ingredient sourcing as well. We strive for transparency in our suppliers and buying practices, which is why we list our biggest suppliers on our FAQ page. We strive to source ingredients and packaging that safeguards animals and our environment.

We also never test any of our products on animals, just willing people that believe in our brand.