Which Shampoo & Conditioner Bar is Right For Me?

Trying out new all natural shampoo and conditioner bars can be tricky. We hope we can give a little guidance as to which one of our bars is right for you. So let’s get into it.

Shampoo Bars

Our shampoo bars are all natural, botanically inspired and contain gentle cleansing agents. We recommend these bars for those with soft and hard water. Because of their gentle and all natural cleansers, the majority of our shampoo bars are not recommended for those using synthetic hair care products. We highly recommend our clarifying bar for removing build up from synthetic products such as; dry shampoo, hair spray, root builders, etc.

Indiefog Shampoo Bars

Conditioner Bars

Our conditioner bars are all natural, butter based and should only require a small amount to lather and moisturize. Please notate your water hardness to make the best decision on which bar is best for your hair, in your water.

Indiefog Conditioner Bars